Hike Kangaroo Island – About Us

We operate tours on Kangaroo Island in South Australia . We have 2 tours which focus on the newly establishes Kangaroo island Wilderness Trail, the 1 day Kangaroo Island Tour and the 5 day Kangaroo Island Tour

The tours run between the months of December and March each year.

Tim & Bianca Grigg

We are a small business who started operating 4WD tours on Kangaroo Island in 1998 (then called Campwild Adventures) since then we have branched out and now in addition to our Hike Kangaroo Island business operate overland style 4WD tours in the Kimberley region of Western Australia as Kimberley Adventure Tours, along the West Coast of Western Australia as West Adventure Tours, and horse trail riding in the Clare Valley, South Australia as Clare Valley Trail Rides.

All businesses operate under the parent company Travelwild Australia which is owned and managed by Tim & Bianca Grigg. Tim is an ex tour guide and looks after the operations, sales and marketing, if you email or call us you will normally be talking to Tim. Bianca is an accountant who holds it all together behind the scenes dealing with the administration.

We are very proud of the products we offer and of the great reviews which we receive.

Check out what we do, if it looks like your thing then come join us on an adventure.

About The Tours

The way we get this great feedback is actually very simply and comes down to a few really important ideas.

    • Small Groups
    • Wilderness Camps
    • Adventure Activities
    • Flexible Itinerary
    • The Best Guides

Small Groups.

The temptation to increase group size for tour operators is very real, it’s a simple calculation, more bums on seats = more money. Unfortunately however as the group size grows the quality of the tour reduces.

Bigger groups are harder to organise, so as the group grows, guides spend more of their time organising people and less time actually guiding.  The guide to client ratio increases so even when they do guide, the time spent with each person is less.

Wilderness Camps

For our multi day product on Kangaroo Island we utilise the campsites on Kangaroo Island which form part of the Kangaroo island Wilderness Trail, these dedicated eco sites are set up specifically to house hiking groups, we up the comfort level significantly by parking our glamping trailer nearby complete with hot shower and toilet, our your guides work hard to set up your tents etc to make an extremely comfortable stay.

Adventure Activities

We love to explore, getting out of the vehicle onto the islands premier hiking trail is the best way to see the wilderness of Kangaroo Island. We offer a great deal more than a simple sightseeing tour.

Flexible Itinerary.

Whilst we have a rough itinerary and visit the main destinations on each tour, we also encourage our guides to do things differently each time.

When a guide is given the the flexibility to do these things, they are a lot more enthusiastic about their job and an enthusiastic guide is better than one who’s not.

Like bigger groups, locking in a set itinerary is a temptation for operators, when tour is exactly the same each time, it means less time spent on operations in the office, less time = more money, but again, doing this reduces the quality of the tour. One of the common comments we get is that our customers felt like they were going camping with a group of friends, rather than on an organised tour.

Flexibility is great for dealing with groups which are not always the same, the needs of our customers vary, and because we are flexible, we can vary the tour to cater.


Finally flexibility is very important in a wilderness region which changes over the season, this is especially the case on the Kangaroo Island southern coast which can be variable at any time of the year.

The Best Guides

We never have any trouble employing guides and have never had to advertise for guide, they come to us.

Because we have the small groups and flexible itinerary, tour guides love to work for us, so we get to pick the best ones.

Licenses & Permits

We hold the following licences and permits which allow us to operate tours in various Australian jurisdictions.

South Australia

  • Commercial Tour Operator – Department of Environment Water & Natural Resources (National Parks)
  • Commercial Tour Operator – Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail Endorsement – Department of Environment Water & Natural Resources (National Parks)
  • Operator Accreditation – Transport SA

Northern Territory

  • Commercial Passenger Vehicle Operator Accreditation – Department of Transport
  • Commercial Vehicle Licence – Department of Transport
  • Tour Operator Permit – Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory (National Parks)

Western Australia

  • Commercial Operations Licence – Department of Parks & Wildlife (National Parks)


Our guides have all completed first aid training and carry a Satellite phone in the case on an emergency


On Kangaroo Island we use the following vehicles;

  • 1 Day Tour: Toyota Land Cruiser GXL
  • 5 Day Tour: 12 seater overland style 4WD truck

Why travel with Hike Kangaroo Island?


We offer the best of both worlds on our Kangaroo Island products, access to spectacular & remote wilderness, and the comfort of glamping with a hot shower, toilet and chef inspired meals waiting for you at camp.